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Scott Grondin


Born in Canada, 1976

I was always interested in taking pictures but knew nothing about the technical aspects of the equipment.  Following an intensive forensics course (primarily the photography component), I bought my first DSLR camera.  Currently I work in forensics where I am fortunate enough to hone my skill and love for photography. 

After working with the camera I decided to take things a step further and become a professional photographer.  Once the decision was made, I enrolled with the NYIP and graduated as a professional photographer.


Most of my photography, specifically the special events I shoot, is done with my charities in mind.  All photographs, time and expenses are donated towards these wonderful causes.


Graduate of CPC - FIC course

​Graduate of NYIP- 

Professional Photographers Course


Nikon - D800 / D750 / D300 / 50mm / 18-200mm / 70-200mm /  200-500mm / 10.5mm fisheye / 85mm macro / 2x teleconverter / SB900, SB910 and 400 flash units


Soaps in depth

Soap opera digest

Hockey News

Sports Xpress

Snapd Toronto

Snapd Oshawa

Snapd Danfoth/Beaches

Facebook (Dirty dog contest won)

Nikon Canada (Canada Day contest won)

Twitter (High flying canines contest won)

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